Welcome to Bluebell!

This blog has been set up by Bluebell parent and child group in North Devon.

We hope to share the lovely moments our community enjoys, provide useful information and links regarding natural parenting and education and sometimes just beautiful photos!

About Bluebell parent and child group

Our parent and child group run on Tuesday mornings 10.30 - 12.30  at Hakeford Farm, Chelfham, Stoke Rivers, Barnstaple, North Devon.

 We begin the morning with a short circle time, during which we sing good morning and a seasonal song or two before we move on to the activity.

The activity alternates between bread baking, wet on wet painting and seasonal craft which tie in with celebrations. We ask the adults to partake in the activity to demonstrate how it's done. The children can take part or play.

We then tidy away to a song and the adults can sew or knit whilst their children are playing.

 When it's time to lay the table for snacks we sing with the help of the children! Everybody joins in with all of the jobs in order to create a warm community.

Snack time is preceeded with the lighting of the candle and a short 'blessings on the meal'. We all enjoy this time to tuck in to the organic bread, fruit and tea!

After tidying away the snacks, the children can enjoy another free play time before settling down to listen and watch a short puppet story with songs.

Finally, we all enjoy a walk and play outside in the fresh air before going home.

Please phone / email Frances if you'd like to come and join us at Bluebell:


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